Conwy Beavers visit to the Conwy Tunnel

During the current ongoing works to refurbish and upgrade infrastructure relating to the A55 Conwy Tunnel, Conwy Beavers were invited to visit the Tunnel in what is thought to be one of the first guided walks to members of the public since the road was opened over 25 years ago.

The Beavers are the youngest members of the Scouts organisation, with group members on the visit ranging in age from 6 upwards.  After being provided high vis jackets and helmets and given a short Health and Safety presentation, the visitors travelled by bus from the site compound located on the Tre Marl Industrial Estate in Llandudno Junction to the Western end of the Tunnel.

The East bound carriageway of the Tunnel was  closed to traffic to enable fire main refurbishment and passive fire protection works to be undertaken and the Beavers were dropped off at the east bound approach to the Tunnel. During their walk, escorted by site staff from Griffiths  and members of the Tunnel Management Team, the Beavers were given the opportunity to see, up close, what works were being undertaken and to get a feel for the sheer scale of the tunnel structure and what is needed to ensure that all the equipment within it is maintained in perfect working order.

All the visiting Beavers and their Leaders thoroughly enjoyed this once in a lifetime opportunity and hopefully, as a result, we may have inspired one or two who may be part of the next generation of Civil Engineers.