Swansea Highways Partnership (SHP) Sponsorship Pass Plus Cymru

The Swansea Highways Partnership (SHP) is a collaborative partnership between the Swansea City Council and a consortium of Griffiths and Hanson.

Griffiths undertake the civil engineering works, Hanson carry out surfacing works whilst the Council’s Direct Labour Organisation complete planned maintenance and minor improvements works.

The partnership arrangement combines resources and expertise to implement Swansea City Council’s Local Transport Plans and work programmes by providing an enhanced service provision for Routine Maintenance, Highway Structural Maintenance and Improvements Works.

Earlier this month and as part of our commitment to delivering community benefits, SHP sponsorship allowed Pass Plus Cymru to reward the first fifty people to complete their driving course with a £20 gift card.

The six-hour course, approved by the Driving Vehicle and Standards Agency, includes Motorway tuition and gives confidence to new drivers. It will not only help to prevent accidents but also improve efficient driving.

Safety is key to operations at the SHP and supporting this initiative should enhance road safety not only for the Pass Plus attendees but also road users in general.

Representatives from the Partnership joined candidates at a recent Pass Plus Session