Hereford City Link Road

The Hereford City Link Road forms an integral part of the Hereford City Centre Transport Package, an integrated package enabling the delivery of the Edgar Street Grid regeneration area.

Client: Herefordshire Council
Location: Hereford
Completion Date: December 2017
Value: £7m
Contract: NEC ECC 3 Option C


The scheme was awarded to Griffiths in May 2017, working collaboratively with Herefordshire Council and Balfour Beatty Living Places who designed the project. Shared offices enabled open communications to ensure a smooth transition from design to construction.

The £7m Hereford City Link Road comprised:

  • Construction of an 850-metre-long single carriageway road with traffic signals at each end and three along its route.
  • A 3.5 metre east west shared cycleway/footway along the entire length of road
  • Signalised pedestrian/cycle crossing point at the new signals enabling crossings in a single movement.

The scheme improves the east-west access between the A465 and A49 north of Hereford city centre and also improves the access to future interchange infrastructure at Hereford railway station.

The construction was programmed to begin in August 2016 and was completed by December 2017 and managed using the Griffiths PAS 99 Accredited Integrated Management System incorporating Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety procedures.

£1.8m of value engineering savings and a reduced programme were achieved. This was accomplished by:

  • Re-locating the retaining wall between the station car park and the A465 which resulted in a simpler and cheaper reduced height design
  • Switching the location of the attenuation tank to the central reserve avoided the need for it to be under the carriageway

15 local people were employed for the duration of the project, two new members of staff employed and one new apprentice.