Aberystwyth Transport Gateway

The Aberystwyth Transport Gateway Project comprised of improvement works to the Bus Station and Alexandra Road.

Client: Ceredigion County Council
Location: Aberystwyth
Completion Date: February 2013
Value: £2.5m
Contract: NEC Option A


Works Undertaken

  • Town Centre Works
  • Natural Stone Paving
  • Highway/Roundabout Realignment
  • Footway Widening
  • Traffic Calming
  • Traffic Management
  • Community Engagement Plan


All works were conducted and executed within a busy urban setting and required completion whilst maintaining operational functionality of the existing bus station and minimising effects on the surrounding town centre, local businesses, residents and traffic flows.

Improvement works included the reconstruction of the Bus Station and the railway station approach and involved the removal of the existing station configuration. New paved access islands were constructed with feature paved access and egress areas and new bus shelters. Alexandra Road was reduced in width to allow for wider footways and realignment works were undertaken to Alexandra Road/Brewer Street Roundabout and the Alexandra Road/Mill Street Roundabout. A signal controlled pedestrian crossing was also constructed on Alexandra Road. Drainage works were undertaken along Alexandra Road, New Road and the Bus Station, new road lighting was installed and Belisha beacons were replaced throughout the scheme including replacement duct infrastructure. Various hard and soft landscaping works were undertaken throughout the project and numerous diversions of statutory undertaker’s apparatus were required.

Due to the location and nature of the project a wide-reaching Community Engagement Strategy was implemented. Residents, visitors and businesses were kept well informed of possible disruption and relocation of the taxi rank and bus stops through Project Newsletters, temporary signage and our onsite Community Liaison Officer and Traffic Safety Control Officer. Access was maintained to all businesses, private residences and other establishments throughout the works with the Client’s website utilised to communicate project information.

Project Location