Brewery Yard, Abergavenny

The site is located in the heart of the town centre surrounded by local businesses and residential houses.

Client: Monmouthshire County Council
Location: Abergavenny
Value: £1.5m


Originally the site housed a steep 3 metre drop in level creating problems with accessibility. This has been transformed into a series of cascading terraces, spanning over 4000m2 significantly increasing accessibility. The scheme created space for 74 market stalls, a kiosk incorporating new public conveniences, 96 parking spaces including additional disabled spaces and a piazza.

The kiosk is a split level building constructed using a local stone facing, a patina copper roof and a floating glass canopy spans the frontage. The surrounding terraces and piazza are paved with granite setts.

Architectural features incorporated into the layout include:

  • A wall ‘frieze’ – a band of 70 metres of bilingual text engraved into blocks of red sandstone and built within the main supporting walls
  • 12 timber seats
  • A row of five barrel shaped pillars each standing 3 metres tall, specially constructed using red sandstone
  • 2 slate pillars
  • Artwork copings

Where possible materials were sourced locally to maximise sustainability with red sandstone from local quarries and Monmouthshire oak used to make the bespoke seating.

Throughout the project Griffiths liaised extensively with members of the public, residents and local businesses to ensure minimal disruption. Information on progress and road closures was regularly communicated via monthly newsletters and face-to-face meetings

Project Location