ABP Newport – Wind Turbine

The site is located on the south east corner of the Alexandra Docks area of Newport, a working, industrial dock on the banks of the river Usk.

The area is principally an unused industrial area that was previously a petroleum storage and distribution terminal but has since been removed although the foundations of the petroleum tanks remain. The surrounding area has previously been used for coal storage. Several disused buildings were located to the north and have demolished prior to the commencement of the contract.


The project involved the following works:

  • Construction of new and re-grading of existing access tracks to allow delivery of the turbine parts.
  • Construction of the turbine delivery platform and crane pad including the associated drainage.
  • Construction of a switch-room building and base for a new substation.


Access Tracks

Delivery of the turbine was to be by ship directly into the adjacent dock. Suitable access tracks were required to allow wagons up to 50m long to transfer the turbine parts from the dock to the proposed turbine location.

The work included widening accesses and removing existing signage and kerbing. Some sections of the existing access were unsuitable for the proposed delivery vehicles due to their length and so a realignment of the track was necessary.

The track construction was a layer of 6F2 topped with type 1. Plate bearing tests were taken to ensure the specification was complied with.


Delivery Platform and Crane Pad

The delivery platform and crane pad was constructed on top of the existing concrete slab. The proposed drainage detailed filter drains either side of the crane pad connecting into an existing outlet. An extensive site investigation failed to find the existing outlet and so an alternative solution using soakaways was built.

Similar to the access tracks, the construction consisted of 6F2 and type 1 with a layer of geotextile. Plate load tests were also carried out.


Switch Room and Sub-Station

The switch room consisted of:

  • A piled ground beam
  • Lower Floor Slab
  • Block work walls created troughs for the cabling
  • An upper floor slab completed the concrete works
  • Brick and block cavity wall construction and a tiled pitched roof
  • SR3 security doors fitted and external finishes including access steps, hand rails, palisade fencing and tarmacadam surfacing