Social & Culture

2019-2021 Objectives & Targets

Effective engagement with stakeholders throughout all stages of our projects will help us to develop and deliver well-connected cohesive communities.

To do this, our team of Public Liaison Officers develop community-specific Customer Care & Communication Plans whilst our Community Benefit Coordinators focus on addressing community issues.

Our project teams embed themselves within the local community. They reflect and have respect for local diversity, enhance the community identity and sense of belonging to the area, whilst providing fair and equal opportunities for all residents.

Contributing to local education will remain a priority as we continue our work to attract the next generation into Civil Engineering. We will increase our engagement with students at Key Stage Five, highlighting the benefits of ‘earn as you learn’ apprenticeships as an alternative to full-time higher education.

As the first Civil Engineering Contractor to sign the Welsh Language Promotion Plan, we will promote the use of the language in the workplace and encourage the training of staff to increase oral and written skills.

As we deliver the infrastructure to enable economic progression, our new targets will deliver lasting community legacy-benefits rather than short-term financial support.

Objectives Targets
Provide a fair, inclusive and respectful work place in which all our people can reach their full potential regardless of background or personal circumstances Increase our Female to Male ratio to 15:85

Use the Welsh Language Promotion Plan to promote the use of the Language in our offices and projects

Support the development of well connected, cohesive communities which are attractive, viable and safe places to live All projects registered under Considerate Constructors Scheme to achieve an average score of 40
Increase our support of local charities, clubs and community groups through sponsorship and provision of resource by 5%
Develop a skilled and well-educated population which is able to access full-time employment and raise awareness of careers within the construction industry Engage with 5,000 primary school pupils utilising our Health and Safety mascot Sally Safesteps
Engage with 10,000 secondary school/college students highlighting careers within the construction industry
Encourage a healthy society in which we care for the physical and mental well-being of our people Run 10 project specific Wellbeing Programmes and provide access to relevant support
Invest £10k per year in the Griffiths Bike 2 work Scheme

2017/2018 Highlights

In 2018, we received our first Gold National Considerate Constructors Site Award.

All our projects registered with the Scheme achieved an “Excellent” to “Exceptional” average score. Respecting the Community was scored as “Innovative”, demonstrating industry-leading performance in community
engagement and contribution to education.

Once again, we have increased the total number of young people we have introduced to Civil Engineering. Sally Safesteps, our Health & Safety mascot, has visited 6,534 primary school pupils and we have engaged with 12,790 students between the age of 12 – 18 years old. This early and continued interaction with young people is helping us to enrol more people on to our award-winning Apprentice Programme.

Our Public Liaison Officers have increased the hours spent engaging with local communities. Through our project Community Benefit Plans, we have donated £230,366 to local community groups, clubs and charities – an increase of 14% from last year.